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Thread: Conquerors Path 27

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    Post Conquerors Path 27

    Conqueror's Path is a Guild Battle PVP Event
    The guild with highest score will be the Winner

    MAP: GuildWar Eroom
    Schedule: M-W-TH-F-Sat-Sun at 8:00pm - 9:00pm
    Start Date: October 07,2017
    End Date: October 29,2017

    M-W-TH-F = 1 point
    Sat and Sun = 2 points

    Champion = 10 Days CP Emblem , 10pcs CT Box and 1T Gold Shared
    2nd Place = 1T Gold Shared
    3rd Place = 500b Gold Shared

    May pagbabago po tayo sa CP. Ang makakatanggap lang po ng reward ngayon CP ay ang MAIN GUILD lamang. Walang reward para sa ALLY. So make your GUILD for solid and active members dont waste the slot for your 2nd char or dummy character. Pero pede po ang mag ALLY nasa inyu po yan kung tanggap nila na walang makukuhang reward ang inyung Alliance.


    We will have a few changes on our CP. Only Main Guild will receive reward. No Reward for Alliance Guild.
    So make your GUILD for solid and active members only don't waste the slot for your 2nd char or dummy character.
    But alliance is still allowed. its up to them if they agree on this condition.

    [How to Claim Reward]
    Yun mga members po ibigay ang username sa inyong Guild Leader pagkatapos or sa huling araw ng CP
    para mailista po nya at maibigay po saken. Guild Leader lamang po ang pwedeng kumuha ng reward
    Oras na maibigay na po saken ang listahan ng members ay hindi na po maaring humabol pa.

    To members of Winning Guild please give your username to your Guild Leader after or last day of CP
    for a list of Guild Members and Guild Leader will send it to me. Only Guild Leader is allowed to claim reward

    Take Note: Gold will be shared by Guild Leader and Guild Leader can only claim the reward
    How to Claim Reward: Guild leader must submit their members Username and InGame Name
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