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Thread: King Of The Hill Month of June 2017

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    Post King Of The Hill Month of June 2017

    King of the Hill is a PVP Class vs Class Event with only ONE WINNER per class
    It also know as the BEST PLAYER OF THE MONTH

    June 27,2017 at 8:30PM
    Swordsman / Brawler / Archer

    June 28,2017 at 7:30PM
    Extreme Class Only

    June 29,2017 at 7:30PM
    Gunner Class Only

    June 30,2017 at 7:30PM
    Shaman Class Only

    Go to Market Place and open map window (Press "M")
    Find Shibuya Entrance
    You will see the Event Map Entrance near shibuya entrance
    Wait for GM to give you a Entrance Card
    after you claim entrance card, Enter to Event Map immediately
    Note: Entry Card will expire in 2 minutes


    Winner = 7 Days KOH Emblem, 10pcs CT Box ,2pcs 15 Days Rewrite Costume Ring and 50B Gold

    Take Note For Shaman Battle:
    No Set / Costume Set
    No Resu

    No Trashtalk to GM = Perma Banned
    No Flooding Shout = Perma Banned
    No Party = Disqualified
    No Duel = Disqualified
    No Resu = Disqualified

    Costume Ring
    Crazy Time
    Note: Bring your own Crazytime box

    We are allowed to immediately PERMANENT BANNED or CHAT BLOCK to misbehave character during Event hour.

    Always read the GM Announcement and don't be LAZY!
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