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    Exclamation Royal Rumble Information

    UPDATED: January 16,2018
    Royal Rumble is a PVP NON-PARTY Event

    You can kill all Character even the same school

    MAP: Royal Rumble Map (Entrance is on 2nd Market left side)
    Schedule: Every Saturday Only
    Time: 7:00pm - 7:30pm

    NOTE: Auto-Revive! Do not Alt+Tab when character is dead

    Scoreboard : Press "F6"


    Top 1 -5
    *3 Days Magic Carpet Yellow
    *2pcs 7 Days Costume Ring
    *1 CNC Card
    *1 Superbox (5 CT Box)

    Top 6 - 10
    *3 Days Magic Carpet Yellow
    *2pcs 7 Days Costume Ring
    *1 Day Special Edition Costume Set

    *1 Superbox (5 CT Box)

    Take NOTE:
    If you are one of the TOP in scoreboard make sure that you are inside the map until the end of Remaining RR Time or else you cannot receive your reward
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