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    Lightbulb Tyranny Wars Guide

    Tyranny Wars is a School vs School PVP Battle Event

    Go to 2nd Market and find the 3 Portal near the Guild War Entrance

    1. Max Level
    2. Max Reborn

    1.Capture 2 or 3 Towers ( Nuclear , Thermal and Facility ) within 30 minutes
    2.Depend the Captured Towers
    3.Don't let the enemy captured your Towers
    4.The School with at least 2 Tower Captured after 30 minutes will declared Winner
    5.If the 3 Tower are captured before 30 minutes will declared Winner
    Note: Do not ALT+TAB when character is dead because your character will NOT able to Auto-Revive
    NOTE: Tyranny Time are not visible outside the Tyranny Map. You can see the remaining time inside the tyranny map ONLY.

    Elapse Time: 30 Minutes

    Everyday Monday to Sunday

    12:00 noon
    3:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    10:00 PM
    12:00 Midnight

    1.The winning school will receive SW Bonus with 2x EXP, Gold and Drop Rate
    2.Top 10 Characters will receive Reward Item Box

    if the character are not on the tyranny map or inside the tyranny map during the Tyranny Wars will NOT get reward.

    Tyranny Map
    Note: Towers location are on the Circle Spot

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