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Thread: Tips and Guide on How to Fix Launcher cannot Start

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    Question Tips and Guide on How to Fix Launcher cannot Start

    Simple TIPS and GUIDE

    Pumili po ng isa sa Mirror link na nasa baba at ipalit po ninyo yan sa Launcher na nasa RxC Folder ninyo
    (Delete the old Launcher on your RxC folder then put the new launcher from below)

    Mirror 1 : Launcher_RxC

    Mirror 2 : Launcher_RxC

    Pag ayaw pa rin po sundin po ang Guide na ito.

    1. Try to Download Latest manual Patch

    2. Kung ayaw pa rin mag start do the following steps.

    2.1 Right Click on Internet icon na makikita sa gilid tabi ng clock

    2,2 then "Open Network and Sharing Center"

    2.3 Local Internet Connection

    2.4 Properties

    2.5 Choose "Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4)"

    2.6 Click Properties

    2.7 Choose "Use the following DNS Server Address"

    2.8 put this:

    Preffered DNS Server:

    Alternative DNS Server:

    2.9 Press Ok then Close.

    3.Try to Open your Launcher

    Or just search on Youtube "how to change DNS Server"


    Note: This is not harmful or side effect on your Internet or on your PC. Mas ok if magpapatulong po kayo sa may kaalaman sa PC troubleshooting.

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