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Thread: Veno Boss Hunt Event

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    Cool Veno Boss Hunt Event

    This Summer we will have Veno Hunt Event. You can get Special Edition Costume Set with +100 in all Stats
    The information of Veno Boss Respawn was all RANDOM. This is to provide fair on hunt capability in all player and not to stock on Locker

    MAP: Random
    Time: Random
    Day: 4x a week (Random Day)

    Veno Boss are not automatically appeared, it is manually summon by GM ingame. it is once per summon Only.
    You will see notification on chat box if the boss are summon.

    The drops are non-donate and don't have permanent, it is on box,tradable,sell and locker and only 1 day usage.

    Drops are maximum of 5 pcs box

    Good luck and Enjoy Summer
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